Friday, November 23, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

How the hell has this blog existed so long without a post about video games? Granted, Joe covers most of the necessary territory, and does so daily. But still, if there's one topic that I spend more time nerdily jabbering about more than video games, I am unaware of it.

So, I invite you to listen to the most recent Brave New Workshop "For Those Who Don't Know" video game podcast. That's right: nearly 40 minutes of me and Joe Bozic talking about the annoying $10 premium for Xbox 360 games, the packaging for Guitar Hero III (at least three thrilling minutes on that topic), and the wonderful world of crappy Nintendo DS games.

Anyway, while you're at it, you should also check out Mike Fotis and John Haynes' Brave New Workshop Sports podcasts and the original, general-interest (Genus IV?) Brave New Workshop podcasts. All of them can be found for free download at Libsyn or the iTunes music store. Those are probably less alienating.

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