Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weeklypedia 12 & 13: Deluxe Double-wide

Hey, it's more trivia, despite the fact that the new history system in Firefox 3 has made harvesting my Wikipedia activity more difficult. Last week's answers are up, of course.

1. Named for an Italian mathematician & astronomer, it is the theoretical point between two astronomical bodies where the bodies' gravitational pulls on a small object cancel each other out, and the object will remain stationary.

2. Metamerismic animals are characterized by having these.

3. Approximately 86% of the land in this state, more than any other, is owned by the Federal government.

4. The Slattery Report, commissioned by the US Dept. of the Interior under Secretary Harold Ickes in 1939, explored the possibility of allowing large numbers of European refugees, in particular Jews, to settle in this state.

5. Between 1986 and 1997, in at least 20 incidents, at least 40 people were killed by people of this ostensibly unarmed occupation.

6. Fans of Monty Python may know the globus cruciger, a medieval symbol of royal authority, by this more modern and martial name.

7. Martha Rountree, in 1947, became the first moderator of this public affairs television program.

8. Klimt, Gaudí, and Tiffany are all exemplars of this early-20th-century movement in art and design.

9. Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece, this cathedral in Barcelona has been under construction on and off since 1882.

10. The killing of Meredith Hunter at this event in December 1969 inspired the fifth verse of Don McLean's song "American Pie"

11. The death of Meredith Hunter was captured on film by the Maysles Brothers, who were filming this concert documentary.

12. Though it may suggest baseball and is used metaphorically in politics, the term "unforced error" originates in this sport.

13. One of the shortest books in the Bible, theologians may describe it as an allegory of God's love for the chosen people, but we all know what it's really about.

14. This place is surrounded by a 30-km "Zone of Alienation," in which 120,000 people lived before they were evacuated.

15. This sandwich, intended to appeal to adults, was introduced by McDonalds in 1996 with a $300 million ad campaign, and was a flop.

16. The man most responsible for the Boston Celtics' NBA Championship.
I'll just go ahead and answer that last one: who is Timberwolves General Manager Kevin McHale? Seriously, he may be the best GM in sports, according to Forbes, but I'm pretty sure they thought he was still in the Celtics organization.

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Fred said...

1. What is the Lagrange point?
2. What are repeating segments?
3. What is Nevada?
4. What is Alaska?
5. What are postal workers?
6. What is the Holy Hand Grenade?
7. What is Meet the Press?
8. What is Art Nouveau?
9. What is the Sagrada Familia?
10. What is the Altamont Free Concert?
11. What is "Gimme Shelter"?
12. What is tennis?
13. What is the Song of Solomon?
14. What is Chernobyl?
15. What is the Arch Deluxe?