Friday, September 5, 2008


If any post earns the shameless self-promotion tag, it will be this one:

1. So you've always wanted to see a Brave New Workshop election show, but you hate Joe Bozic? Well, you're in luck. He and Theresa are busy multiplying (Go Theresa Go!), so for this weekend and next, I will be stepping in for Joe in "The Lion, The Witch & The War Hero, or, Is McCain Able?" So, Fridays at 8, Saturdays at 7 & 10. 2605 Hennepin. 612-332-6620. And come to the BNW After Party tonight. I'm playing Martin Van Buren in it, I guess.

2. So you've always want to see me pretend to act, but you wish I was younger, thinner and combed my hair? Well, you're in luck as well. I finally put my bronze-winning film from the 2001 Grinnell College Titular Head* student film festival on YouTube. As of this writing, you could very well end up being the first person ever to view it in this fashion. How forward-thinking!

* Despite my being a rabid practicioner of Grinnellian chauvinism and having been the Titular Head of Titular Head, I somehow doubt that the festival passes the notabilty threshold for Wikipedia consideration. Also, despite what the article implies, there was a 5-minute time limit before 2003 as well. We instituted it in 1999 after having a long, horrible festival to sit through in 1998. Apparently some of my efforts at institutional memory have faded.

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