Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Performing this weekend!

First: Happy Birthday, Mike Fotis (pictured)! And happy Festivus: I hope you and the rest of the cast can get Caleb to the theater tonight to wrestle him as the creative head of the Brave New Workshop household.

Second, for everybody else: Mike's leaving town for a few days, and I'll be stepping in for him in the Brave New Workshop's Christmas Show, All I Want For Christmas Is 700 Billion Dollars, Our 50th Noel. So on Friday at 8PM or 10:30PM, Saturday at 7PM or 10PM, or Sunday at 7PM, come check me out. It's a great, goofy show, and I'm looking forward to playing with the cast for a few days.

Before then, if you see me glaring and muttering to myself, it's because I'm reciting Mike's rap from the show over and over and over.

That's right: I will be rapping this weekend.

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