Friday, January 16, 2009

Weeklypedia Quiz #15: Quinceañera

Shall we play a game?
1. This Japanese term used in the Americas and Australia refers to the second generation -- children of Japanese immigrants born in their adoptive homelands.

2. He was the first US President to serve his entire presidency without a Vice President.

3. He was the last US President to serve his entire presidency without a Vice President.

4. President Benjamin Harrison refused to say which order he signed these two states into the Union. In effect, they joined simultaneously.

5. One winter in the 1870s, young Chester Greenwood perfected these items of clothing he'd invented by using flat spring steel in place of the baling wire he'd tried first.

6. Many brands of root beer trace their origins to this year, in which the 18th Amendment was ratified, beginning Prohibition.

7. It was the last play that Shakespeare wrote.

8. (This one takes two steps.) It is the capital of the nation of origin of the characters who shot & killed Doc Brown at the beginning of the movie "Back to the Future."
Woo! Trivia!

Previous quiz's answer key was long overdue, now posted 2 1/2 months later.


Scott said...

1) Nisei (learned this one from crosswords)

3) Gerald Ford

6) 1919 (Mmmm Schell's!)

7) "Shakespeare's Last Play"

8) Tripoli maybe?

Troy said...

1. No idea

2. John Tyler

3. Chester A. Arthur

4. I totally should know this but I don't. I'll guess Montana and Idaho.

5. Wild Guess-Suspenders?

6. 1919

7. The Tempest

8. Damascus? It's one of those middle eastern ones.

Fred said...


1. What is Nisei
2. Who is John Tyler
3. Who is Chester A Arthr
4. What are North and South Dakota
5. What are earmuffs
6. What is 1919
7. What is The Tempest
8. What is Tripoli ("IT'S THE LIBYANS!")