Thursday, February 23, 2006

O Zelda, Where Art Thou?

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Well, it’s been confirmed now that Zelda: Twilight Princess won’t be coming out until the fall. Dang. I suppose on the other hand (the hand opposed to the reaction of “Dang”), this gives me time to finally finish Ocarina of Time.

Like Final Fantasy VII, I’ve been working on Zelda’s N64 debut for a while (although only a few years, as opposed to the decade I was approaching on FF7). Unlike Square’s magum opus, though, I’ve actually enjoyed all of the gameplay. I made a tactical error a couple years ago, though, one that seriously set back my completion of the game.

Before I really started getting back into gaming in January ‘04, I had already bought a used N64 and a handful of games: Mario 64, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Rogue Squadron, and Ocarina of Time. I made some very good progress in the latter in 2003, getting as far as the Fire Temple (about halfway through the game, by my estimate). Then, in Spring 2004, I got a Gamecube. And the Zelda Collector’s Edition that included a GC port of Ocarina. And I sold my copy of the N64 cart. Whoops. So now I’m back at nearly square one (last I checked I was in Dodongo’s Cavern/Goron City, having played for a few hours one day last year) of a game that took maybe 15-20 hours to play as far and in as much detail as I had. Whoops again.

But as previously noted, I’ve got some time now. Maybe I’ll even dip into Majora’s Mask when I’m done, although the idea of playing a Zelda game in which your actions have to be completed within a certain time kinda freaks me out.