Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April is the bloggingest month

Just wanted to drop a quick note here to note the passage of a milestone: my StatCounter for this site has just today ticked over the 1000-page view mark. Hot damn. I have a pretty good sense of how many of those were me checking the StatCounter, so with that in mind, I'd like to thank the dozens of you who have visited.

Also, April will have been the month with the most posts I've written since I started, due in no small part to the content generator that is the Weeklypedia quiz. I will end April with 12 posts, 5 more than in November, the second-place month. Hoo-plah.

As thanks for your patience while I pat myself on the back, here's a link to a site that's collecting the title sequences from movies and TV shows. The files are big, but if you've got a good, fast connection, they're pretty fun. Based on the content, you get the impression that the late-90s into the new century have been something of a renaissance of style of the form (Se7en, Domino, Smoking Aces, Casino Royale), a rebound to the glory of the 60s (Bullitt, Vertigo). Neat. Enjoy.

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