Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"I'm the only friend you've got."

Friday night saw another performance of the Neutrino Video Project - Twin Cities, which will happen again at 10:30PM on the last Friday of April and May at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, as well as at the Brave New Workshop for the Twin Cities Improv Festival in June. Anyway, the beginning of every show features some fake trailers and ads, and this month I was privileged to star in one. If you loved Michael Clayton, or A Civil Action, or The Firm, or The Spanish Prisoner, you'll love "Files of Evidence":

This is the Gone With the Wind of Neutrino Trailers, in terms of scope. We filmed for several hours one evening in mid-February at a law firm in the IDS Tower, several hours the following Sunday morning in St. Paul, and then a couple hours a couple weeks ago at a warehouse in Roseville. The shot-to-edited ratio must be gigantic. Stuff we filmed that got cut included every single character informing mine that they're the only friend I've got. Also, more sprinting in downtown St. Paul, which I really, really should have stretched before I did.

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