Monday, November 24, 2008

Improv: word up

Thanks to all who came to the Improv a-Go-Go last night. 7:22, the group I coach, had a fine -- if incredibly smutty -- set. And I had a blast DJing Five Man Job's set. For those who missed it, here's how it worked: at the end of intermission, we collected offered iPods from the audience. During the Five Man Job set, each scene was begun and inspired by music I selected from people's music collections. So much fun. That said, let me tell you, it's pretty harrowing to be entrusted with $2000-$3000 worth of pocketable personal electronics for a short period of time.

Also, I should note that if you've been using various iPods for five years (has it only been that long?) and are suddenly confronted with a Zune, the interface might as well be made of those crystals from the first couple Superman movies, with a display in Esperanto.

In any case, thanks to FMJ for the opportunity to play with them. I'm looking forward to the next time, which should be after the 1st of the year. More info as it becomes available.

Blogging will be light this week, as I will be jetting to the San Joaquin Valley tomorrow to join my wonderful wife and her family for the Giving of Thanks. I've blogged every weekday since the election, resulting in more posts than any previous month, which has been a hectic pace but enjoyable. After the holiday I'll be back with more stuff.

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