Friday, August 8, 2008

We're gonna make it after all!

The Minnesota news media has a HUGE inferiority complex about the state. Now, I'm a lifelong Minnesotan and take a certain amount of pride in my home state, and get annoyed by those who consider MN "flyover country." That said, I found the contortions that the local media made to make major tragedies like September 11th, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina about Minnesota embarrassing. Whenever there's a story like these, you can count on the Star Tribune to find the one person who lived in White Bear Lake for a summer and has a cousin who lost their dog in the tsunami or some such contrivance, and put it at the top of the front page of their website.

Those were extreme cases. Sometimes it's just funny, and reminds me of a proud parent clipping any mention of their kid from the paper. Like when they run their annual pieces concerning the tenuous Minnesotan roots of people nominated for Academy Awards. Along those lines, I give you Exhibit A.

Adorable! It's like they're the Grinnell Herald Register (there's no webpage) or something. Hey everybody, there was a governor on the front page of the NY Times today, and guess what! It was ours!

I bet they don't do stories like this in California.

Also: there's a grammatical error in the STrib article.

Alternate headline for the article: "Pawlenty's seeking of national spotlight makes national spotlight."

Following up on last week's quiz bonus question, commenter "Scott" got the correct answer, identifying my error of referring to West Germany as Germany in the quiz. He also claims that Peking is the English name for Beijing. Wikipedia (grain of salt) claims that Peking is a name that has "also" been used in English, but not the sole one; also, I've always heard/seen "Beijing" used in the media, so I'm going to give just a half-additional shout-out to Scott for that one. For those keeping score, that brings his total to a shout-out and a half.


LRM said...

RE: California. No. No, they don't do that here.

I have to say when I first moved to MN I thought it was dishearteningly provincial. After a while I thought it was cute. Then, after a couple of years it would make me cringe. I obviously don't think of MN or any of the Midwest as flyover country, but it doesn't help the case when the local media is so relentless in its neediness.

LRM said...

Ugh. I'm sorry that MN found such a legitimate Olympics angle with the Bachman killing.