Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WTF: Ralph Nader Edition

(Updated, see below)

The surest way to get attention is to do something bat-shit crazy. But does pondering what it would mean to do such a crazy thing affect the outcome and make you crazy? The case of Ralph Nader seems to comply with the Copenhagen interpretation: he tries to measure his own insanity, and collapses the waveform to the state of "gibbering." He opened the box, and forced the cat to be dead...

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

Update: Jim in the comments suggests that I have perhaps failed to see the humor in this. Not so! This video is fucking hilarious (pardon my French), though to me perhaps not in the lighthearted manner in which Nader intended it. I put this in the same category as P. Diddy's recent treatise on Sarah Palin, which is not for those offended by swearing or by incredulity at Palin's selection.

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Jim said...

Okay, Fred, I can understand your perspective on this... But when it was all done, I couldn't stop laughing for a minute solid. It's absurd! Oh, and so is politics. I love this video...though it is a little long.