Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ka-Baam! Returns, Thursday (tomorrow) Night!

Note! Show time corrected, see below!

And while we're talking comics:

That's right, true believers!! KA-BAAM!! is every four-color fantasy writ large and on-the-spot by a cast of Minneapolis' most heroic improv comedians! Every week, audience suggestions will inspire the origins and adventures of three never-before-seen heroes in a comic book story that will never be seen again! The Golden Age will be reborn with the deadliest of villains, most ridiculous of brawls, and a comic book artist capturing the characters in a comic book cover, drawn live and unique to every performance!
The first Thursday of the month, *10:00* PM at The Bryant Lake Bowl!
Produced by Huge Theater.
Directed by: Nels Lennes
Starring: Fred Beukema, Rita Boersma, Hannah Kuhlmann, Nels Lennes, James Moore, Tom Reed, Michael Ritchie, Jen Scott, Troy Zimmerman
Tech: Butch Roy, David Lipkin
Special Comic Art: Christopher Jones

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