Monday, August 10, 2009

Facebook is stealing my page hits

Here's a question for you tech types out there.

Back when I was writing Jeopardy posts, I wanted to make the process of adding links to this blog on my Facebook profile. So, I used the Notes Application to Import this blog. Then, every time I posted here, it was imported as a note on my Facebook profile.

Problem was, it imported the whole text of my post, plus photos, to Facebook. So people were reading it, but not here. Thus I had no way of keeping track of how many readers I had. So, I "un-imported the blog," and started manually adding a Link to each post when I posted it.

But the unimporting didn't take. Now, every time I post, I have to manually add a link and manually delete the Note. But I haven't really been doing it right, because I've ended up only deleting the Notes from my News Feed, but not the actual notes.

So: even though Notes tells me I don't have a blog imported, how do I get it to stop reposting my stuff?


Anonymous said...

I think you need to get your bad self out to Palo Alto and bomb Facebook's headquarters ;-)

Voix said...

I had the same problem. How are you adding links? If you use the 'share link' feature, it shouldn't import the whole post, but instead direct page hits back to the blog. That increases your page hits and keeps all the comments in one place. I especially didn't like having both Facebook comments and blog comments. I'd rather have them all in one place.