Friday, February 10, 2012

David Macaulay's "Pyramid"

I grew up on David Macaulay. His books on engineering and architecture, along with Legos, are the primary reasons I started on the path to structural engineering. All his PBS specials were great, but Pyramid is the one I watched over & over. Someone has finally put it up on Youtube.

Some notes:

1. It is my understanding that many then-widely-understood details of Egyptology have been revised since this first aired in 1988. Unfortunately, my working knowledge was sort of crystallized with this special, and I'm probably quite out-of-date.

2. I learned a couple years back that the voice cast for the cartoon story was made up mostly of prominent British actors, including the likes of Brian "Boss Nass" Blessed and John Hurt. The Pharaoh Khufu was not, however, killed by a parasitic alien explosively erupting from his chest cavity.

3. It's far more pronounced in the video, but David Macaulay now reminds me of Will Forte with a moustache.

4. Best lines of the cartoon, which became greetings between me and a high school world history classmate:

Anyway, please enjoy.

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