Monday, November 26, 2007

The Neutrino Video Project

Another self-plug here, this time for the Neutrino Video Project, Twin Cities.

The Neutrino Project is an improvised movie. Three teams of improvisors, each consisting of a camera-wielding director, two or three actors, and a runner with a stopwatch, each get a suggestion from the theater audience, and sprint out of the building to immediately start filming their first scene. By the time the three teams have gotten their suggestions, and some pre-edited trailers and credits have rolled, the first tape from the first team is delivered by the runner. Subsequent tapes (three total from each team) are brought in on a tightly-monitored schedule. The tapes are played for the audience and mixed and given a live musical score. Thus is a 40-minute movie created instantly in front of its audience.

Anyway, the Twin Cities group, of which I am a member, is about to have its third and final "preview" show next Thursday, December 6th, at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. This is our press show, meant to generate interest for more regular shows starting in January, so we want this show to sell out. You should come see it. Yes, you.

To whet your appetite, here are the various trailers the team's put together for the show so far (this is also an exercise in video embedding for this greenhorn blogger). Some "rough language" ahoy, especially in the first trailer so, uh, NSFW:

Trailer #1
Based on footage from our rehearsals

Trailer #2
More rehearsal stuff. Watch Dan Hetzel fight with a Wendy's cup!

Trailer #3
From our October show. Moody and introspective.

For those who want more information and background:
1. The blog by the "core group" producing our show.
2. The website of Neutrino, the NYC-based improv group who invented the Video Project and dispatched their own Matt Donnelly to teach us over one cold & rainy weekend in August.
3. Wikipedia on neutrinos (the elementary particle)
4. The other Minnesota-based neutrino project, in the Soudan Mine near Tower, MN.

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