Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hiya hiya hiya

The time has come for the obligatory, masturbatory, self-indulgent first post of this blog. I suppose all blogging is self-indulgent, and all references to the self-indulgence of blogs are obligatory. Even gratuitous. Pandering.

The title of this post should be read like Fozzie Bear. As he himself once typed for Kermit's script: "Ladies and genklefins, welcun again ty the Muppel Shoks. My name is Kermit the Forg."

Why a blog? Because there's weird, esoteric stuff that sticks in my brain in odd combinations sometime, and hopefully this blog will give me the opportunity to scrape out the inside of my head like a pumpkin. Gross. Anyway, I've got posts percolating on DC comics, classical music, and my disdain for Residence Inn advertisements. Rest assured, whatever you read here will be nerdy.

Nerdy and probably not timely. My employers would certainly frown on using work time for this sort of thing, so I'll generally be writing piecemeal, at lunchtime, after work, at home, and then posting a finished bit once I randomly remember it's there. I'm writing this at lunch on a Thursday, and it'll likely be posted sometime on Friday if I think of it (UPDATE: I did). I don't know why I'm telling you this, except probably to cover my own ass. Ass: covered.

Ladies and genklefins, I'll have some real content sooner or later. Hope you'll stop by for that.

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Nora Rocket said...

Yes! We await your blarging with much excitement!