Monday, April 28, 2008

Me & Finch

According to a variety of independent sources who started telling me so sometime around the turn of the century, I am apparently a dead ringer for actor Eddie Kaye Thomas, who played Paul "Finch" Finch in the American Pie series of movies. He's the one who had to go home to use the bathroom (ahem, "shitbreak") in the first one, and ended up in a tryst with Stifler's mom, played by the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge. This film of course also popularized the term "MILF".

Anyway, at least a dozen people have independently approached me over the years and either asked me if I know who I look like (that guy from American Pie?), or asked if I am, in fact, Eddie Kaye Thomas (I'm not). I find it somewhat fascinating how many people have come to this conclusion on their own, often having, just seconds before, laid eyes on me for the first time. In fact, I recall being called out for this in 2001 by the guy tearing the tickets when I went to see American Pie 2 with my friends Dan & Whitney in 2001.

The reason I bring this up now is that Eddie Kaye Thomas has a supporting role in the surprisingly delightful Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and the new sequel, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. And he's also co-starring in the Brad Garret vehicle sitcom on FOX, 'Til Death, which is execrable. Neither of these roles is high profile enough, thankfully (?), to get people a-recognizin'. Also I wear glasses now.

Usually I don't see the resemblance, but every once in a while... Here's a picture of Dan and me in 2001, outside Mitch Hedberg's hotel in Grinnell:

Something was happening slightly to the left, and it made everybody happy. How young we looked. Also: holy crap! I had sideburns?

And here's Finch and Stifler in American Wedding, the third film in the series:

I guess I see it.

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