Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It's time for the Twin Cities Improv Festival! This weekend! Thursday through Sunday! At the Brave New Workshop Theatre! There's lots of great out-of-town acts coming to town, including Bassprov (pictured) with special guest Mo Collins (of MadTV, a former Brave New Workshop alumna), Pimprov (in-character improvisation: what if flamboyant, 70's-style pimps also had an improv group and knew a lot about improvisational theory, from Viola Spolin onward?), and the Josh and Tamra Show (puppets!). You should go to the shows. They will be good.

However, I'm here less altruistically, to plug the shows I'm involved in.

1) This Friday night (technically Saturday morning) at 12:30, it's the last currently-scheduled performance of the Neutrino Video Project Twin Cities. I've been blogging about Neutrino for some time now, as have others, but the gist if you're just joining us is that it's an improvised movie. On video. Filmed while you're watching it. With music and the occasional Vertigo-or-Jaws-style dolly zoom. I'm quite proud to have been a part of Neutrino, and hope to report its planned return someday soon, but until then, this is your last chance. As a bonus, I'll be appearing as Robert Evans in a pre-taped thing Troy made for the beginning of the show.

2) On Saturday at 10PM, on a double-bill with Darby Lane from Los Angeles, it's the Survivors of the Undead Plague. Improvised stories of the zombie apocalypse! I've been lucky enough to work with the Survivors as an external set of eyes and ears in preparation for the festival. They are four great improvisors, and their show is unique and fun and features moments of genuine terror, which is really hard to pull off, even if I am, as Troy says, a big wuss.

So come check out some of the best that Twin Cities improv and its guests have to offer. Looking forward to seeing you.


Butch Roy said...

sorry, no Mo Collins.

she bailed a while back.

Fred said...

Whoops. Shows how plugged in I've been the past couple months. Man, I'm looking forward to months that don't include significant life events.