Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I'm a nerd, Thursday edition.

Hey, first off, if you didn't read it already, scroll down to the previous post, which talks about the Twin Cities Improv Festival and the fact that you should go see shows at it. Right.

I’ve been thinking lately about certain patterns in our society, and in particular patterns that run parallel to each other. In fact, I found myself wondering this week if the one ever affects the other. If it seems like I’m being oblique, there’s a reason. There’s bonus trivia afoot! I’m going to present you with two sets of numbers, each with two associated letters. The goal is to figure out what each set represents. The lists aren’t really related, but if you get one, it should help you figure out the other.

SET #1
SET #2
2 L,U
4 JK
8 B,C
0 AG
4 A,G
6 BD
0 S,A
2 GB
6 A,U
8 MD
2 B,S
4 WM
8 S,S
0 JC
4 L,U
6 GF
0 M,U
2 GM
6 M,C
8 HH
2 M,G
4 BG
8 M,M
0 RN
4 T,J

0 R,I

Additional hints:
1. Note that Set #1 has two more items at the top than Set #2. That’s because we currently do not know what would go in those spots for #2.
2. If I were to continue the bottom of Set #2 for two more entries, they would be 6 AS and 2 AS, respectively. The corresponding entries in Set #1 would be 6 M,A and 2 H,F.
3. I could have used three letters each in Set #2, and the nature of the list would have become more obvious.

Answers will be posted in about a week.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I figured out right away what the letters in column 2 were, although a few of them have me scratching my head -- must go check Wikipedia to get those.

Set 1 and the numbers of set 2? Still working on it.

Joe Ferrari! said...

Got set two. Still working on set one.

Joe Ferrari! said...

Got both sets. You have been bested!

Curyusgrg said...

got em both in a space of about 10 minutes. I'm super proud to have joined the ranks of nerd-dom.