Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weeklypedia 9: Don't Call It a Comeback...

...because who knows if it will stick. Last week's month's time's quiz has had answers up since early May.

This week's quiz is dominated by presidential trivia, driven by my digging around matters of the election. Enjoy.

Weeklypedia Quiz #9
  1. A traditional Christmas meal in this country consists of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken, eaten at home.

  2. Their creator named these humanoid monsters by borrowing a word from Beowulf but also acknowledged a similarity in their name to "various sea-beasts of the dolphin order."

  3. Winners of this multinational competition have included Abba's "Waterloo" and Lulu's "Boom Bang-a-Bang."

  4. This former civil engineer is the earliest US President with a presidential library in the National Archives and Records Administration system.

  5. He is the US President whose presidential library was built first.

  6. He was the first US Vice President to utilize One Observatory Circle in the US Naval Observatory as his residence.

  7. He was the first Catholic to be one of the two major political parties' nominee for US President.

  8. This former Georgia Congresswoman is a Green Party candidate for US President in 2008.

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Fred said...


1. What is Japan?
2. What are orcs?
3. What is the Eurovision Song Contest?
4. Who is Herbert Hoover?
5. Who is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
6. Who is Walter Mondale?
7. Who is Al Smith?
8. Who is Cynthia McKinney?